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5 Ways To Prevent Tarmac From Melting

Tarmac may experience melting in hot conditions. Our tarmac experts consider the following ways in preventing tarmac from melting and ensuring that they offer high-quality road surfacing solutions. Polymer Modified Binders The use of polymers raises the softening point of asphalt road surfaces to about 80 degrees which prevents tarmac from softening under extremely hot…

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How is Tarmac Sold: Tarmac Pricing Tips

Tarmac happens to be one of the highly affordable materials used for road surfacing. The benefit it comes with is diverse and beats those offered by other driveway surfacing materials. For instance, it is incredibly strong and durable; hence can last for decades. Besides, it has an old-style look that makes a driveway surface elegant.…

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How To Get Oil Stains Out Of Tarmac

Does your tarmac driveway have unsightly oil stains? It is important to remove the stains. Not only because it is a potential hazard of bikes and cars, but it will eventually seep back through to the surface and damage it. Whether the oil stain is new or old, there are a few tricks you can…

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