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Hiring professional road planing services across South Wales ensures that you get high standard surfaces that will last a while.

Hire Reliable Surfacing Contractors for All Aspects of Road Planing in South Wales

Roads suffer damage after a period of use, especially if they have to put up with regular heavy traffic. One cost-effective way to repair them is by planing. The process involves the use of road planers that remove the damaged road surface.

Contractors can then lay a new surface on the existing sub layers. With road planing, you don't have to construct the entire road from scratch.

Road planing is one of the services that we provide at Jordans Surfacing Ltd. You can hire our road planing contractors in South Wales for a project of any size from highway maintenance to planing footpaths.

Road Planing Services We Offer

We provide full planing services for commercial applications. Hire JSL to plane industrial estates, large tarmac drivescar parks and public roads. Our road surfacing contractors can remove the bituminous surface to the required level.

If the area has pipework underneath, we will excavate around it. For surfaces that have to be anti skid or anti-slip, our contractors have the right skills to deliver them.

Some of the jobs that we handle include trenching, patching and fine milling. We get involved in a project from the initial stage to completion, eliminating the stress of dealing with third parties.

Road Planing

Our Heavy-duty Planing Machinery For Civil Engineering

The type of planing machines that contractors use to determine how well a project turns out. At Jordans Surfacing, we work with a modern fleet of several equipment. Whatever the project, whether it's milling a small section or removing large areas, we can find the right milling machine.

Our contractors and civil engineering specialists go through extensive training to learn how to operate the machines properly. When you combine the stellar skills of our qualified operators and our state-of-the-art equipment, you enjoy great savings. We reduce the time spent on development, which saves you money.

Why Choose Us As Your Road Planing Contractors?

Besides our machinery, we are a top choice because we tailor services to the needs of the client. No two road planing projects are the same and we understand that.

Our road planing specialist will listen to your objectives, and then provide the right services to suit a particular area.

All contractors are CSCS certified to operate road planing machines, which eliminates the risk of mistakes. You can also be sure that we will plane surfaces according to the highest safety standards.

From removing asphalt surfaces to milling trenches to rehabilitating large areas, trust JSL to do exceptional work the first time. Clients can expect some of the most competitive rates for road planing services.

When looking for dependable road planing contractors, we are it. Capitalise on affordable planing services for long-lasting surfaces.



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