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How Does Road Surface Affect Stopping Distance

Countless motor vehicle accidents occur every year. While the figures may appear to be staggering, we must also remember that they would be far higher if modern technology was not employed when designing our roads and motorways. Engineers pay attention to a number of variables and one of the most critical involves how the surface…

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What Causes Potholes?

Modern roads and pathways are quite durable by their very nature. However, there are still times when damage can occur. One of the most common situations involves the formation of potholes. Not only are these imperfections a profound nuisance, but they can be dangerous for vehicles as well as the average pedestrian. This is why…

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How Road Surfaces Affect Friction

There are many safety elements built into modern roads. However, perhaps none is more important than the concept of friction. Without friction, vehicles would have great difficulty obtaining traction. This could result in many serious accidents. This is also why engineers and paving specialists place a great deal of thought into the concept of road…

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