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Professional Pothole Repair Service Across South Wales

Have you been plagued with potholes throughout your patio, driveway, commercial car park or walkway? This can be a very frustrating situation and if these issues are not dealt with promptly, even more serious issues could occur. This is why professional pothole repairs will often be required to save time as well as money.

The experts at Jordan's Surfacing are reliable pothole repair contractors, so you can remain confident that even challenging projects will be completed in a transparent and efficient manner. What are some of the services which we can provide?

Pothole Patching and Commercial Requirements

We have developed an innovative approach when tackling pothole repairs. First and foremost, we make absolutely certain that the area in question is clean and free of any debris. After a proprietary "tack" coating is applied to the pothole, it will be completely filled before being levelled so that is is flush with the surrounding surface.

The repair is then sealed so that future damage is less likely to occur. Not only will this watertight barrier prevent further erosion, but it offers a weather-resistant edge.

Pothole Repairs

Reputable Road Repair Contractors

While we are more than happy to carry out standard pothole repairs, we also specialise in road surfacing treatments. Our pothole repair contractors are therefore fully capable of dealing with commercial, industrial and domestic projects with the same sense of dedication that has defined the entire company over the years.

As each project is naturally different, our approaches will be based around the task at hand as opposed to adopting a "one-size-fits-all" mentality.

We are also experts in tarmac resurfacing as well as generalised driveway repairs.

While potholes are certainly annoying eyesores, we need to keep in mind that these seemingly minor imperfections can lead to larger problems and in terms of roads, they may even cause safety concerns.

This is why it is important to contact Jordan's Surfacing and to speak with a qualified representative. We will explain the options at your disposal and we will be more than happy to speak with you in person.

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