Car Park Surfacing & Resurfacing

Laying of asphalt and tarmac or paving a car park is work that requires skilled professionals who understand the need to have durable surfaces.

Car Park Surfacing and Resurfacing for Any Application

In South Wales, Jordan Surfacing is the company to trust with car park surfacing projects. We offer a broad range of tarmac and asphalt solutions to the different clients that we serve. Our customers enjoy the security of working with certified and licensed contractors who are up to date on building codes. Technicians ensure that each car park they install meets regulations. Jordan Surfacing strives to provide superior quality car parks that will last a good while even with heavy duty use.

Maintaining the Quality of Your Car Park

Besides new installations, we offer car park resurfacing as well. Even the best quality asphalt or tarmac surface will wear out after prolonged use. When a car park begins to show signs of wear, you can fix that with resurfacing.

Touching up the cracks and potholes in an old car park will give it new life. Resurfacing is an excellent way to boost the value of a property as well. Our car park surfacing contractors ensure that repairs are seamless, leaving the surface looking like new.

Car Park Resurfacing for All needs

You can hire us for car park resurfacing or other resin bound surfaces of any kind. Our contractors have partnered with different types of property owners to provide parking solutions. Are you building a mall and want multi-storey car parks? Does your residential property require parking space? Or maybe the car park at your office building needs resurfacing. You can turn to Jordan Surfacing for all these projects. We rely on advanced equipment and techniques to provide our customers with high-quality car parks. To guarantee the long life of our driveways, we insist on the best asphalt and for a quality finish, we consult for the best link marking and surface dressing.

Contact Jordan Surfacing for any aspect of car park surfacing and resurfacing in Abergavenny, MonmouthCardiff, and surrounding areas. Our hardworking and skilled contractors promise quality solutions at competitive rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Lifespan of a Typical Car Park?

Most experts seem to agree that a well-maintained car park should last anywhere between 20 and 30 years. Still, this depends upon a number of unique factors including:

  • The condition of the subsoil.
  • Vehicular traffic.
  • Temperature variations and the effects of the elements.

Assuming that the location in question has stood up to the test of time, a car park resurfacing should be carried out every ten years. Why is this the case?

What Are The Benefits of Resurfacing A Car Park?

Resurfacing consists of adding a new layer of asphalt between 15 and 20 millimetres thick upon the existing surface. This is a much more economical option when compared to ripping up the entire lot and being forced to ensure a replacement.

However, any issues with the initial layer need to be addressed beforehand. These can include crack and pothole repairs as well as dealing with any areas that might have subsided.

Resurfacing will provide your car park with a second lease on life and once again, the subsequently clean appearance will reflect positively upon your business.

What is The Process Of Laying a New Car Park Surface?

Our expert contractors will visit the job site before any work to devise a plan of an upcoming project with estimated costs and timescales. Once this has been agreed, our experts will begin the project based on the initially agreed plan.