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Resin Bound vs Tarmac Surface | What’s the Difference?

Although tarmac and resin are both widely used in car parks and driveway surfacing, both materials are actually rather different. But how do they differ, and which one is right for your needs? What is Resin? Resin is a unique material that acts as a glue or adhesive, binding together in order to create a…

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What is Permeable Tarmac?

It is quite costly and time-consuming having to repair roads, car parks resurfacing, pathways, and driveways from time to time. Repairs are needed as a result of unavoidable things such as heavy rainfall, poor drainage along roads, worn-out tarmac, and heavy vehicles on roads designed for the light weighted vehicles. The solution to preventing heavy…

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How a Road Paving Machine Works

Tarmac contractors use road paving machines to deliver their services. To use the machine, you are supposed to have been trained and certified by an authorised body. In this post, we will take a brief look at how a road paving machine works. Don’t Operate Machine with Breaks on Before you start operating the machine,…

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