How to Soften Cold Lay Tarmac

Cold lay tarmac is ideal for paths, potholes and driveway repairs. It’s ready to use straight from the bag and offers great coverage. A 25kg bad can cover an area of approximately 0.20 square metres.How to Soften Cold Lay Tarmac

Driveways can undergo premature damage if poorly installed. Repairing using cold lay tarmac is easy and the layering instructions must be followed. Visit tarmac driveways to have your driveway correctly installed.

Expose to direct sunlight

Prolonged storage results in hardening, making it difficult to use. Place the bag in the sun for 1 to 2 hours before cutting it open. Temperatures of above 10 degrees centigrade make the tarmac loose and restore its workability.


The heat warms up the cold lay tarmac but on extreme levels, it bruises it. Line up the quantity you plan to use, then pass a blow torch over the material to make it warm.

A propane rose bus torch can also be used. Be careful not to burn the tarmac. Heating breaks down the binding agents, making it more fluid.

Use of cutting agents

Adding cutting agents makes the material malleable. Use locally available agents such as kerosene or something lighter than petroleum.

Break the hardened tarmac into pieces and pour the liquid. After some time, it becomes less viscous, compact and easy to work with.


This method is used mainly by professionals who have the required road construction machine. The tarmac is scooped up into the machine where it mixes with hot air.

It is rehabilitated to 50mm in depth using air with a high velocity and low infrared heat. Once soft, it is recycled and laid down seamlessly.

The cold lay components remain intact and no emissions are produced such as smoke. This process is fast, cleaner and time saving. Check out Jordan Surfacing for all our tarmac needs.


Cold lay tarmac is the best choice for areas that require a quick fix or small repairs. The factors mentioned above will help you know how to handle it and adhering to the instructions on the packaging is key. Professional help can be sourced to ensure the job is done well.