The Importance of Road Maintenance: What’s at Stake?

Roads are the backbone of modern society. They connect us to each other, provide access to amenities and services, and allow for safe passage in vehicles. Unfortunately, roads can be a victim of our own success: they wear away with time due to heavy use and extreme weather conditions.The Importance of Road Maintenance What's at Stake

One such example is iced over potholes that can cause serious damage if hit at speed while driving or cycling down the road. In this article, we will look at the factors that contribute to pothole formation as well as some tips on how you can spot them before it’s too late!

Maintenance and Regular Upkeep is a Must

Regular upkeep of roads is a must so that we can provide safe and reliable journeys for drivers. Road maintenance helps to reduce the wear on vehicles, which in turn reduces their repair costs.

Roads need to be maintained because it ensures better safety for all road users including pedestrians. It also provides access during emergencies such as medical incidents or fire fighting events where paramedics may need to gain quick access.

Who maintains our roads?

In the UK, most roads are maintained by the local authority or highway authority, and some of these authorities maintain a few different types of roads in their jurisdiction.

The responsibility for maintaining the surface is usually given to a road surfacing contractor who carries out routine repairs such as pothole repair and surfacing hazards on bridges etc.

How can we help maintain our local streets?

Pedestrians and local communities can help maintain roads by reporting any potholes, cracks and bumps to their local council. It is important that these reports are as accurate as possible by including an image of the location of where the problem has occurred so it can be fixed quickly and efficiently.

What are some ways in which road users can improve road conditions

In many cases, the best way to maintain roads is by driving carefully. For example, drivers should avoid potholes or deep cracks in the road surface and slow down when approaching corners or bends.

Another way in which people can contribute to road maintenance is parking responsibly, especially on residential streets where cars are parked close together and may obstruct or hinder traffic flow.

When should you call a professional tarmac contractor?

Road damage is common, but it is important to know when to get help.

If the road is showing signs of distress and damage then it may be time to call for assistance with repairs or resurfacing work, especially if there are potholes on more than one stretch of the same carriageway.


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