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How Tarmac Can Help Reduce Carbon Footprint

In recent years, the use of environmentally-friendly tarmac has become the new norm across all industries. As the number of road and pavement building contractors increase, it is now more critical than ever before to lower carbon footprints by utilising carbon-free practices and aggregates. Although its solvable, unpredictable climate change is on the rise. Luckily,…

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What is Rubberised Asphalt Commonly Used For

Key Benefits of Using Rubberised Asphalt Concrete in Construction Rubberised asphalt concrete is a material used in road construction made from a mixture of asphalt and ground-up recycled tires. The resulting mix produces a binder that is later mixed with conventional aggregate materials. The binder is composed of 15 -25% crumb rubber and 70 -80%…

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The History Of The United States’ National Road

Also called the Cumberland Road, the National Road’s construction took place between 1811 and 1837. It was the first road that utilised federal funding in its development. The road stretches 1,000 Km and connects the Potomac to the Ohio River.   At the time, both Presidents G. Washington and T. Jefferson believed that a road…

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