Bespoke Tarmac Designs To Consider For Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces such as car parks will often require a tarmac resurfacing from time to time in order to maintain an attractive and functional appearance.Bespoke Tarmac Designs To Consider For Commercial Spaces

If such a project is anticipated in the near future, it is wise to take a brief moment to consider some of the design options at your disposal.

Designs Focusing Around Drainage

The layout of many car parks and similar spaces will often take into account drainage issues. This can help to prevent pooling water and the need for subsequent pothole repairs will be reduced.

It is wise to speak with our team members in order to discuss variables such as the slope of the land as well as the presence of storm drains and other existing elements.

Anti-Slip Textures

Other commercial spaces are associated with a significant amount of foot traffic (such as immediately around a large shopping mall).

In these instances, it could be wise to employ a tarmac that provides a slightly rougher surface. This will help to reduce the chances of a patron slipping during inclement weather conditions.

Bespoke Colour Layouts

Some types of tarmac can be coloured in order to match the existing appearance of a building. This can be an excellent way to reinforce your branding as well as to enable your property to stand out.

Of course, the types of colours will need to be discussed with the experts at Jordan Surfacing so that you can make an informed decision.

The best way to incorporate the proper tarmac design into your existing commercial property is to consult with industry professionals.

Not only will such a surface provide a bespoke visual appeal, but the use of modern materials helps to ensure that it is capable of withstanding years of abuse while retaining the allure.