Common Equipment and Machinery Involved in Surfacing Projects

There are many challenges associated with modern surfacing projects. From smaller tasks such as addressing imperfections within a driveway to larger projects including entire car parks, modern technology has come a long way.Common Equipment and Machinery Involved in Surfacing Projects

Not only does this help to increase levels of quality assurance, but much of the work that would have been performed by hand in the past has been replaced by machines.

Let’s take a look at some common equipment that will often be seen during a surfacing project.

Dump Trucks

When dealing with larger requirements such as a car park surfacing, dump trucks will often be present nearby. The main intention of these behemoths is to transport bulk materials (such as asphalt and aggregate) between two different locations.

Milling Machines

Underlying surfaces will sometimes have to be roughed up before a subsequent layer of material is applied. Milling machines will be used to create small gouges.

These gauges can then ensure that the additional layer of asphalt will adhere properly and remain in place once it has cured.

Paving Units

Anyone who has ever witnessed a road surfacing project would has likely seen a nearby paving machine. Paving is required in order to compact the surface material down to a specific thickness and density.

These variables can be adjusted depending upon the type of road in question as well as the amount of traffic that it will need to endure over its lifespan.

These commercial machines are highly efficient and they have been engineered to tackle even the largest of surfacing projects.

This is why domestic and commercial property owners will often outsource their needs to a professional surfacing firm.

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