Common Driveway Issues and How They Can Be Prevented

Common Driveway Issues and How They Can Be PreventedModern driveways have been engineered to withstand many problems associated with the elements and vehicular traffic. However, it is impossible to deny that problems can crop up from time to time. Let us take a look at four common issues as well as how they can be prevented.


Smaller potholes can be prevented from evolving into major problems by filling them in with gravel and cold-patch asphalt as soon as they appear. The good news is that well-maintained tarmac driveways will rarely encounter these issues if they are installed be professionals.


Thermal expansion and contraction can cause some driveway surfaces to crack. This is particularly the case within locations that drop below freezing during the overnight hours. Cracks are often noticed around the periphery of the driveway as well as where any joints are present.

Asphalt emulsions can be used to fill in cracks; ensuring that they do not grow larger. Another benefit of asphalt emulsions is that they will match the existing tone of your driveway.

Pooling Water

There are times when water may pool upon the top of a driveway. This occurs if the surface is uneven or around dips. Any pooled water should be swept away as soon as possible, as it can otherwise cause damage if left in place. Levelling a driveway is arguably the single and most effective way to deal with this issue.


Driveways may begin to subside over time; especially if water is allowed to percolate through or if the underlying ground was not tamped down properly during the installation process. Unfortunately, subsidence can cause a significant amount of damage if not immediately addressed.

The best way to prevent this situation is to ensure that a quality installation service is chosen from the beginning. This is when the team at Jordans Surfacing can help.

Whether you require a minor repair or the entire driveway needs to be replaced, our services are only a phone call or an email away. Please feel free to contact a representative in order to discuss your options and to obtain an in-depth consultation.