What are the Main Benefits of Asphalt?

What are the Main Benefits of AsphaltMillions of tonnes of asphalt are applied to the roads and motorways throughout the United Kingdom each year. While this surface is hardly noticed by the average driver, the fact of the matter is that out modern transportation requirements would never be met without its ubiquitous presence.

There are many benefits associated with asphalt and some are more apparent than others. What are some primary advantages of this material and why is it an ideal solution for many types of surfaces?

The Most Cost-Effective Option

Asphalt is quite cheap to produce and these savings can thereafter be passed directly to the customer. Furthermore, most projects (even road surfacing) can be completed within a short period of time; saving even more money when compared to other materials such as concrete.

Inherent Waterproof Qualities

Asphalt is a petroleum-based product. The main benefit here is that this quality enables asphalt to boast an inherent waterproof quality. Thus, the chances of pooling water or penetration to the subsurface are negligible. This is why asphalt is often used when addressing domestic applications such as driveways and walkways.

An Extremely Smooth Surface

Asphalt surfaces are extremely smooth. Not only does this feature contribute to its aesthetic beauty, but issues such as vehicular wear and tear are dramatically reduced. This is obviously beneficial in terms of both tyres and vehicular suspension.

Noise Reduction

This final quality is not often stressed and yet, it is extremely important. Asphalt has the tendency to absorb sounds created by nearby vehicles. This is a great benefit in terms of noise reduction within domestic neighbourhoods.

So, it should be clear to see why asphalt is often considered to represent a “wonder material” within the construction sector. Offering cost-effective solutions alongside a bespoke sense of beauty and little required maintenance, this substance will continue to enjoy prominence well into the future.

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