How Are Potholes Formed?

The most common quoted number is that potholes cause £1.25 billion worth of damage every year. Potholes are the bane of every driver’s life – over 800,000 are fixed annually, but it’s not enough. When smooth roads or driveways start to break up there is always the possibility of damage to your car, if not to your suspension, then to your wheels and tyres.

But how do these potholes appear? Normally, it is nothing to do with the surface covering, but what’s underneath. We know because we are experts at repairing potholes.


The main culprit is the weather. Under whatever road surface is earth. During the winter months or rainy season, it becomes saturated with water. This groundwater then freezes during the very cold months. As water freezes to form ice it also expands.

This pressure causes a swelling or blister in the surface layer, which tends to split or crack. The ice melts and the water runs off but leaves a gap between the top layer and the earth.

Now the surface has been weakened and is under continuous pressure from above in the form of vehicle or even pedestrian traffic.

Eventually, these weak spots will cave in or just break apart. The damage doesn’t take place overnight, but the process is continually repeated year after year.

Kerb appeal

Apart from the fact that potholes will damage your car or you may step into puddles to and from your home, there is appearance to take into consideration.

Driveways serve a function, yes, but they can also help set off your house. A neatly laid tarmacked car stand or driveway will add the finishing touch to your property. Potholes are an eyesore and can be potential hazards.

Our business

Here at Jordan Surfacing, we tackle all sorts of surfacing work. Each job is tailor-made to fit the confines of your property whether it’s partial repairs to potholes or total tarmac and asphalt resurfacing.

Whatever your needs we offer a professional service and durable solutions at competitive prices. We also cover larger work such as road and car park surfacing.

We serve the South Wales area, so contact us for pothole repair through the website for quotes and information.