How To Remove Tar From an Asphalt Driveway

A tar stained asphalt driveway can see you lose a great deal on the property value. Investors will first look at the cleanliness of a property before they decide to buy it.How To Remove Tar From an Asphalt Driveway

Taking care of the compound of a home, driveways, and walkways is an excellent way to portray a good picture of both the property and the owner. Keeping them clean and stain-free is ideal for making a home attractive.

Tar spills on asphalt tend to penetrate deep, leading to a tricky and complicated stain to remove. However, it is easy to go about it if you have the correct information and guidelines. Suggestions are as follows;

Avoid Making the Stain More Stubborn

It can be done by not using solvents that increase the penetration of the stain. Before you start with any treatment, remove the excess tar by scrapping it off.

Then, use scouring powder to scrub the surface and use water alongside it. This process ensures that the tar is removed without causing further damage to the asphalt.

Removing the Molten Tar

Removing tar that is molten from a driveway is slightly different from one that has already hardened. Use ice to cool it down. This step ensures the tar becomes brittle.

Then, use a chisel to chip the tar off the driveway. After chipping the tar, continue with water and scouring powder to eradicate the stain.

Other Options

It is good to save money on repairs, especially those you can do yourself. However, if you are not sure about anything, it is good to seek professional help to avoid causing more damage to an already damaged surface. Stains caused by tar can be challenging to remove without experience.

It is hard to determine when deeper corrections are required, such as sandblasting, application of Resurfacers, and most importantly, which Resurfacer is fit for that particular stain. It is crucial, therefore, that you consult professionals in such cases.


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