How To Remove Dried Cement From Tarmac Without Damage

Are you having trouble cleaning dried cement from your tarmac or pavement? Here is all that you need to know about it. Although you might be afraid to use an acid to clean it up, experts worldwide recommend using certain types of acid-based chemical removers to get rid of these stains.How To Remove Dried Cement From Tarmac Without Damage

Stepping out to the market to get the right acid to clean your tarmac is the first step to getting rid of all your cement trouble.

What type of acid should you use?

The type of acid that you use depends on the intensity of the stain and surfacing type. Most experts recommend the use of Phosphoric Acid; the reason for this is because it’s proven to be environmental-friendly.

However, the phosphoric acid only works if the cement stains are very mild, and if the cement, during mixing, was not modified with polymers.

If you need to pull out the big gun, then Muriatic acid should be your go-to choice. Always use the muriatic acid in solution, with the standard dilution being one part of muriatic acid to 10 parts of water, 1:10.

Any easier way to do it?

This will depend on the amount of cementitious material on your car park surfacing. You may just use a hammer and bolster to scrap off the cement, but you need to be very keen not to chisel into the tarmac.

Scrub off the remaining stains with a wire brush; it removes most of the remaining stains without causing any damage. Natural weathering will also help to eliminate any remaining stains from the tarmac.

Be Careful!

Remember that you must wear protective clothing such as gloves and use eye protection when handling the chemicals. Read the instructions from the manufacturer carefully to dilute the acid as required. You also need to mix the acid and water in a plastic bucket as metal or ceramic vessels could cause a reaction producing noxious fumes.

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