How we Repair Concrete Driveway Potholes

How we Repair Concrete Driveway PotholesDriveways have been engineered to stand up to a significant amount of wear and tear. Thanks to modern and innovative concrete formulations, these surfaces can be expected to last for years at a time with only a minimal amount of maintenance.

However, you might still encounter issues from time to time (particularly if the driveway is not cared for properly or if you happen to live in a harsh climate). Potholes are a common occurrence in such instances.

How can you tackle any pothole repairs that may be needed? Let us break this process down to appreciate the steps involved.

Cleaning and Preparation

The most important step is to clean the inside of the pothole and its periphery. You will need to remove any loose dirt and debris, as this material could otherwise cause issues when filling in the hole.

If possible, use an industrial vacuum to completely eliminate any smaller particles that might be too difficult to reach with a broom or shovel.

The Use of Quick-Setting Cement

The majority of home repair outlets will sell quick-setting cement. As you might have guessed, this formulation is able to dry much faster when compared to traditional versions. It often comes as a ready-made concoction, so no additional mixing will be required.

If it needs to be prepared, carefully follow the instructions until the cement reaches the proper viscosity. It can then be applied to the pothole.

Setting and Levelling

Once the cement has been poured into the hole, wait a few minutes in order to determine if any subsidence has occurred. Add or remove material as may be necessary. Finally, level off the cement with a straight-edged trowel so that the repaired hole is flush with the remaining surface of your driveway.

Assuming that the mixture has cured for the proper amount of time, it could be a good idea to completely seal the driveway to lessen the chances of future incidents.

The techniques mentioned above are often used by professional road surfacing personnel, so you can rest assured that your driveway will be restored to its former glory in no time at all.