What are Some Different Road Construction Methods?

What are Some Different Road Construction MethodsMany experts argue that the Romans were the first culture to pioneer the concept of road construction. Indeed, these methods allowed continental Europe to be physically connected for the first time; facilitating trade and cultural exchanges.

The methods have evolved over the years and there are now numerous options. Let us look at four approaches as well as what each has to offer.

Cement and Concrete

Some roads are constructed from cement and concrete. These tend to be those associated with a high level of traffic, as such materials are extremely durable. However, cement and concrete roads can be quite expensive to construct.

Bituminous Asphalt

Many road surfacing contractors will employ bituminous asphalt during the construction process. Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but asphalt is waterproof and it boasts noise reduction benefits. Asphalt is one of the most common surfaces on the roads throughout the United Kingdom.

Earth and Gravel Roads

These tend to be seen within rural communities. As the name suggests, earth and gravel roads make use of nearby materials in order to create a stable surface. The majority of these roads consist of an underlying layer of compacted earth (generally clay).

Gravel is then placed atop this earth. Gravel provides an excellent form of traction while allowing water to drain to either side. However, newer layers of gravel will need to be added from time to time.

Soil-Stabilised Roads

These roads are actually quite similar to the variants mentioned above. The major difference is that the underlying soil is mechanically compacted before additional layers are placed upon the surface. Soil-stabilised roads are less likely to erode and they are also impressive at handling vehicular traffic.

Each of these methods is associated with a unique set of attributes. Whether you require a road to be resurfaced or you have spotted an issue with your driveway, please call Jordans Surfacing.

We will explain the options at your disposal as well as what you can expect when working with our team. If only the best solutions will suffice, you have come to the right place.