Tarmac Restorer: What is it and How Long Does It Last

Tarmac Restorer is a protective sealant for tarmac driveways and road surfacing. It improves the durability of tarmac surfaces, prolongs their life and enhances appearance. Tarmac Restorer has been specifically designed to be applied to tarmac surfaces that have already had an initial surface preparation or coating application. This means it can be used on new as well as old, previously sealed or coated tarmacs.Tarmac Restorer What is it and How Long Does It Last

Why use a tarmac restorer

Many people use tarmac restorer to protect tarmac from the elements and prolong its life. The main aspect of tarmac restorer is that it seals up any small cracks or holes, as well as preventing water penetration into the surface where possible, which will eventually lead to potholes and more serious damage over time.

Tarmac restorers also act to protect tarmacs against chemicals that can damage the surface, such as grease or oil.

How long does it last

The duration that the tarmac restorer lasts will depend on a number of factors. Some tarmacs are more susceptible to damage, while others may be in an area with less traffic and therefore not suffer as much wear and tear.

The average time that tarmac restorers last is approximately 1-2 years before the surface needs resealing again.

Where to buy tarmac restorer

Buying tarmac restorer is very easy, as it can be found in the majority of hardware stores. It will cost on average between £20-£30 for a litre of tarmac restorer and you just need to follow the instructions on the package carefully when applying it.

Tips for using the product correctly

When applying the tarmac restorer, it is important not to spray too much of the product on at once. Doing so will cause bubbles and an uneven surface, which can lead to problems later down the line when you need to reseal your tarmac again.

If applying new tarmac after resurfacing a section that has been damaged then make sure that the area has been fully prepared and is free from any debris.

If you are going to be applying tarmac in the evening then make sure that it has been dry for a minimum of 24 hours before doing so as this will help prevent moisture from being drawn into the new surface when it rains or snows.

In Conclusion

We hope you’ve gained a better understanding of the Tarmac Restorer product. Do you have any questions about how it works? Contact our team of experts to get answers and learn more about how we can help keep your pavement looking like new!