How To Fill Small Gaps in Tarmac

The tarmac on your driveway or car park may have small gaps in some areas. This can be caused by a number of factors including frost, wear and tear from cars driving over it, or damage to the surface. Luckily there are several ways in which you can fill these small gaps so that they don’t ruin your property’s appearance.How To Fill Small Gaps in Tarmac

1. Remove Any Loose Debris From the Area with a Broom

The first step is to remove any loose debris from the area with a broom or vacuum cleaner. This will make it easier for you to see what’s underneath and ensure that your car park surface or tarmac driveway remains neat and tidy.

2. Apply a Thin Layer of Tar and Aggregate to Fill in the Gaps

To fill in the gaps, you can then use a thin, tar-based and aggregate mixture. Simply pour the materials over the small gaps in your tarmac to cover them up. You’ll want to make sure that there’s at least an inch of material on top so that it doesn’t get displaced by cars driving over it.

3. Remove Excess Material From the Surface

Once the tar and aggregate mixture has been applied, you can use a squeegee or trowel to remove any excess material from the surface. This is important because you’ll want your area to look neat and tidy after completing this project, with minimal evidence of what was done.

Some homeowners might be able to complete these steps themselves; however, commercial property owners will likely need assistance from specialists tarmac contractors like Jordan Surfacing.

4. Allow Time For Drying Before Driving Over the New Patch

Once the new patch has been applied, it will need time to dry before someone drives over it. It’s best to allow at least one day for this process; however, some people might want to wait more than a week just in case there are any minor spots that weren’t fully pressed down and adhered.

5. Repeat as Necessary Until the Desired Effect is Achieved

If you are unhappy with the result of just one patch, it’s worth considering applying multiple patches and waiting for each to fully dry before driving over it.

There are many different techniques for filling small gaps in tarmac. The one that you use will depend on what the gap is and how big it is, but there’s no reason to worry too much about finding a solution – we’ve got your back!

All of our experts at Jordan Surfacing can help out with any type or size of the problem, so get in touch today if you need some assistance with anything related to asphalt/tarmac surfacing. We’re always happy to be of service!