What is Recycled Aggregate Concrete?

As more and more consumers and companies become worried about the environment, companies are being pressured to use materials from sustainable sources. Due to this, there is a substantial increase in the use of recycled aggregate concrete.What is Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Probably, you are wondering how using recycled aggregate concrete can benefit you. Well, the use of recycled aggregates is becoming a convenient and favourable alternative primarily due to the improvement of the standard of recycled products and the increase in the price of the quarried aggregates.

What is Recycled Aggregate Concrete?

Merely put, recycled aggregate is the product you get after recycling materials previously used in construction. These materials include crushed stone, gravel, asphalt and sand. The recycling process entails mixing and crushing the materials up to a specified legal requirement.

Top Reasons for Using Recycled Aggregate Concrete


One of the main benefits of recycled aggregates is that they are affordable. However, keep in mind that this affordability does not mean they have substandard quality.

In fact, they will have the exact standard as the new products you may get from a quarry. What’s more, since you will produce them locally, the transport expense is substantially reduced.


The other good thing about recycled aggregates is that they are environmentally friendly and effective for the construction industry’s growth and progression. Additionally, they are versatile, and you can use them for pothole repairs. Indeed, these products take after cement and concrete.

Remember that gravel mining necessitates a substantial deal of resources and is harmful to the environment. Usually, the surrounding vegetation is cleared to create room for digging or even dispose of the extra gravel and sand required for construction.


The huge pieces of crushed aggregate are usable on various types of general bulk fills. For example, you can use them to fill the base of drainage structures. Also, recycled aggregates turn out to be some of the best road construction materials. You can also use recycled aggregates in bridge foundations, curbing and pavements.

Lastly, this simple act of reprocessing construction materials offers sustainability by reducing the amount of landfill and any metal you may recycle. If you are searching for top-notch asphalt and tarmac solutions, please consider contacting Jordans Surfacing Limited.