What is the Typical Life Cycle of an Asphalt Road

What is the Typical Life Cycle of an Asphalt RoadAsphalt is one of the most common materials employed within our modern motorways. Relatively easy to apply and boasting an amazing level of durability over time, this cost-effective solution is essential in terms of safe transportation.

Still, even asphalt has a typical life cycle before it will need to be repaired and/or replaced. Let us take a look at what variables may impact this lifespan so that we can better understand just how unique this material truly is.

A Surprisingly Long Lifespan

Companies which provide professional road surfacing solutions use only the most durable of materials. This is why many readers might be surprised to learn that asphalt motorways are capable of lasting (on average) up to 15 years before a major repair is warranted. This is also why regular maintenance is critical in terms of overall longevity.

Numerous Variables to Address

It is just as logical to mention that the life cycle of an asphalt road will depend upon a host of different factors. Some of these can include:

  • The amount of daily traffic.
  • The presence of lorries and other heavy-duty vehicles.
  • The environment (weather conditions and temperature variations).
  • The subsurface (permeable soil as opposed to harder materials such as clay).

Still, low-priority roads and surface streets are generally designed to last for a shorter period of time than high-priority motorways (such as the M6). This is why engineers will need to carefully analyse the metrics mentioned above in order to determine the type of asphalt to be used as well as its thickness. As we can see, there is a great deal of science behind the construction and maintenance of modern roads.

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