Why is Asphalt Used to Make a Road Surface?

Why is Asphalt Used to Make a Road SurfaceRoad Surfacing techniques have certainly come a long way since the days of ancient Rome. While these projects still require a fair amount of manual labour, they utilise modern materials which help to ensure longevity as well as unsurpassed levels of durability. Asphalt is commonly employed when building a new road, and for good reason. What are some of the main benefits associated with this humble substance?

Quick and Minimal Maintenance

Unlike many other traditional materials, asphalt requires very little maintenance when properly installed. Even when upkeep is warranted, these projects are not likely to disrupt traffic for extended periods of time. Thus, asphalt is one of the most cost-effective construction solutions on the market for road surfacing.

A Smooth and Water-Resistant Surface

The physical nature of asphalt dictates that it will offer a very smooth surface. This helps to reduce damage over time and once again, the end result equates to fewer repairs (and a higher return on investment). It should also be mentioned that this smooth surface will cause less damage to tyres and other objects.

Another interesting feature of asphalt is that it is a water-repellent material due to the natural oils contained within its formulation. In other words, it offers a rather impermeable membrane and standing water will not soak through. This has always been a problem with concrete, as water can lead to cracks, erosion and similar problems that will need to be addressed.

Rapid Project Completion Times

Asphalt is very easy to apply to an existing surface thanks to its malleable nature. This also provides a greater sense of flexibility in regards to larger paving projects (such as those associated with a motorway). Tasks can be scheduled when traffic levels are low, so only a minimal amount of disruption will take place. Asphalt can be easily transported from one location to another and it cures in a relatively short period of time.

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