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The Damages a Pothole Can Do To a Vehicle

The Surprising Vehicular Damages Caused by Potholes Potholes can present a very real hazard to drivers on even the most well-maintained roads. Whether caused by weather or simple wear and tear, drivers will spend millions of pounds each and every year thanks to the presence of these nuisances.

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What is a Bituminous Road?

Roads can be formed from various materials and this will primarily depend upon their intended as well as the type of vehicular traffic that can be expected. While asphalt is arguably the most well-known substance, another category is known as “bituminous road”.

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What Happens With Old Tarmac Drives?

What Happens When Old Tarmac Drives Have Outlived Their Usefulness? Tarmac is a material renowned for its ability to withstand the elements while offering years of nearly maintenance-free use. These are some of the reasons why this substance is a popular option for driveways and walkways. However, the fact of the matter is that tarmac…

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What is Micro Asphalt Surfacing?

The technology behind road construction can be traced as far back as the Roman times and naturally, many innovations have occurred along the way. One of the most recent trends involves a process known as micro surfacing (sometimes referred to as micro asphalt surfacing). What are some of the main features of this technique? Are…

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