The Damages a Pothole Can Do To a Vehicle

The Surprising Vehicular Damages Caused by Potholes

Potholes can present a very real hazard to drivers on even the most well-maintained roads. Whether caused by weather or simple wear and tear, drivers will spend millions of pounds each and every year thanks to the presence of these nuisances.

Pothole repair

In order to appreciate just how dangerous potholes can be, let us take a look at some of the most common types of damage that may occur to a vehicle.

Issues with Front-End Suspension

The front end of a vehicle will take the brunt of the damage associated with potholes due to the fact that this is where the majority of weight is located. Lost hubcaps, cracked engine mounts, and broken crankshafts can all occur. It is therefore clear why the notion of pothole repair needs to be taken very seriously.

Tyre Damage

It should be obvious that tyres and the associated accessories can also be damaged when driving over a pothole. Rims can be bent and in severe cases, the tyre itself may even burst. This can lead to dangerous conditions if the operator of the vehicle happens to lose control.

Worn-Out Shocks and Struts

Cars are meant to absorb significant physical shocks and yet, there are limits to this ability. Most shocks and structs have not been designed to take into account the presence of potholes. This can cause them to lose their efficiency over time. The only real remedy for such a situation is to purchase replacements; a potentially expensive undertaking.

Loss of Control

Perhaps the most serious situation involves a driver losing control of his her vehicle (particularly during poor road conditions). If the front end of the car becomes redirected, it can easily steer into oncoming traffic or areas associated with pedestrians. This is why it is always wise to avoid potholes at all costs (when possible).

The team at Jordan Surfacing is capable of addressing potholes and other related issues. It is best to repair these imperfections sooner as opposed to later, as they will only become worse over time. Give us a call to obtain an in-depth consultation.