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How To Remove Dried Cement From Tarmac Without Damage

Are you having trouble cleaning dried cement from your tarmac or pavement? Here is all that you need to know about it. Although you might be afraid to use an acid to clean it up, experts worldwide recommend using certain types of acid-based chemical removers to get rid of these stains. Stepping out to the…

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What Road Materials Are Used Around the World For Different Terrains

The road surfaces in use around the world are designed to suit the terrain of specific environments such as forests and deserts. Experienced Road Surfacing Contractors rely on traditional methods of using the natural material of the area or modern surfaces such as bitumen. The choice of material is usually determined by the amount of…

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How To Kill Moss on a Tarmac Drive

Did you know that mosses have no roots? Instead, they possess cell filaments known as rhizoids that enable them to attach to various surfaces. Mosses can be found in rainforests, rocks, logs or even close to home – our driveways. Whether on a private residence or commercial areas, mosses on drive-ways are unappealing to the…

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