How To Kill Moss on a Tarmac Drive

Did you know that mosses have no roots? Instead, they possess cell filaments known as rhizoids that enable them to attach to various surfaces. Mosses can be found in rainforests, rocks, logs or even close to home – our driveways.

Whether on a private residence or commercial areas, mosses on drive-ways are unappealing to the eye and potentially a slipping hazard. Which is why we need to weed them out.How To Kill Moss on a Tarmac Drive

Below are simple ways of how to get rid of moss on driveways:

1. Sunlight exposure.

Mosses love shady and moist areas. Therefore, move those cars and garden furniture, trim the trees and let the sunshine on the moss. This is the least expensive way to get rid of it.

2. Vinegar and bleach.

Mix equal proportions of (either apple cider or white) vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Treat your moss with the mixture till well saturated. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes before scrubbing with a stiff deck broom. You may increase the concentration to your desired preference. Repeat this for a week to get desired results, then hose down the area to get a clean finish.

If the vinegar doesn’t work, replace it with household bleach and repeat the same process.

3. Baking soda.

Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the affected area and let it sit. In a few days, the moss will turn brown and start to flake away. Use a stiff-bristled broom to scrub.

4. Boiling water.

Pour boiling water over the areas affected with moss. Let is sit for about 20 minutes then scrub with a stiff broom and hose it down with water. Alternatively, you can blast away the debris with a pressure washer.

5. Seal your pavers.

Moss and algae grow in between the pavers and sand joints due to inadequate or poor drainage mechanisms. Improperly sloped pavers hinder drainage, resulting in a damp area, favorable to mosses.

Sealing the pavers will require professional skills. Jordans Surfacing Ltd offers high-quality asphalt and tarmac solutions. They install, renovate and tarmac driveways, giving you an attractive moss-free drive.

Although moss is beneficial to the environment and does not cause a health risk, it is important to get rid of it to enhance your property’s exterior décor. Give your driveway the beauty it deserves.

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