Actions to Take When Dealing With Potholes

Not only are potholes very unsightly, but they can cause serious damage to vehicles if not properly addressed. One of the issues with most potholes is that they tend to grow larger over time. What might appear as a slight imperfection can quickly evolve into a real problem.Actions to Take When Dealing With Potholes

This is why pothole repairs need to be taken seriously. How will experts deal with these situations and what steps are involved in order to ensure a positive outcome? These are important questions to address if you suspect that a problem may exist.

Removing Loose Debris

Professional pothole repair contractors will first assess the area to be repaired. Workers will then remove all loose dirt and debris that has likely accumulated within the hole itself. This is arguably the most critical step, as the subsequent fill will not adhere properly if loose material is present.

Addressing Larger Stones and Rocks

Depending upon the size of the pothole as well as the type of underlying aggregate, mechanical measures may be taken to remove any stones or concrete that is at risk of breaking loose in the future. This will help to extend the lifespan of the patch. Hammers, chisels and even jackhammers may be employed.

Filling the Pothole

The final step involves filling the pothole with a material known as “cold patch”. This is a mixture of aggregate and binder (normally tarmac or asphalt) that mimics the appearance of the surrounding surface. This patch will be tamped down so that it is level and once it has dried, the area can be used again.

It can sometimes be challenging to repair numerous potholes or to address very large faults. This is when it is wise to speak with a specialist at Jordans Surfacing so that the appropriate steps may be taken.