How to Effectively Clean Tarmac

How to Effectively Clean TarmacTarmac is commonly used in airports and other commercial spaces. It provides a safe, durable, and long-lasting surface to walk on. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to clean tarmac without the right equipment. In this blog post, we will discuss how to effectively clean tarmac with various cleaning techniques.

Clear the Tarmac Surface from Debris

The first step when cleaning tarmac is to remove debris. This includes anything that might make it difficult for the tarmac cleaning solution to penetrate and cleanse the surface properly. Use a blower, broom, or leaf-blower (or vacuum) to clear all loose objects like leaves, grass clippings, dirt particles etc from your tarmac area.

Choose and Apply the Correct Cleaning Solution

If you don’t want to spend money on professional tarmac cleaning products, then the simple cleaning solution of standard cleaning detergent and water will work just as well. Make sure to apply the cleaning solution with a pressure-washer or garden hose, before scrubbing it in using an abrasive brush on your tarmac driveway or path.

If you are looking to remove oil from your tarmac or diesel stains then you would require a cleaning solution with a degreasing agent.

After applying the cleaning solution to remove oil stains from your tarmac, you would then require a high pressure-washer with a hot water setting in order to effectively clean up and rinse off or dissolve away any stubborn stains that might be leftover.

Tarmac Pressure Washing Tips

When using a pressure washer on the tarmac, you would need to take a few extra precautions in order to prevent damage from occurring.

In the first place, always start by washing down your tarmac driveway or path with regular tap water before using any cleaning agents. This is because if your surface has been left dirty for an extended period of time, then it might have already started corroding and the use of cleaning chemicals might worsen the situation.

Secondly, tarmac is usually far more susceptible to damage caused by using too high levels of pressure on your surface as opposed to hard surfaces such as concrete. Therefore, you should always set the water pressure at a minimum level that will be effective enough in removing stains without posing any risk to your surface.

For more information, request information from your pressure washers manufacturer for the best pressure settings.

In Conclusion

Tarmac is a vital component of any high traffic environment, but it can be difficult to clean. For commercial customers, especially, it’s important for tarmac to have an attractive appearance so that passers-by are not deterred from using the facility.

There are many different methods and materials that you can use in order to keep your tarmac looking great without having too much upkeep time or expense on their end.

For more information about how you can effectively clean your own tarmac at home or work, contact Jordan Surfacing today! We’ll walk you through all the steps necessary to make sure your surface looks as good as new with minimal effort required on your part.