How to Prevent Grass from Growing Through the Edges of Your Tarmac Driveway

Are you curious to learn how you can maintain your tarmac driveway to the highest of standards? Not only is tarmac one of the most common surfacing solutions on the market, but the fact that it is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions ensures an excellent return on investment.

How to Prevent Grass from Growing Through the Edges of Your Tarmac DrivewayMaintenance is nonetheless a very important aspect to consider. One situation which you are likely to encounter involves grass growing through the periphery of your driveway.

If this scenario is not addressed, the roots of the grass can actually cause damage to the tarmac and lead to drainage issues. How can you deal with the presence of grass while simultaneously inhibiting its future growth?

The Use of an Herbicide

Dealing with existing grass is rather straightforward. You can purchase a powerful herbicide from your local home and garden centre. The most effective contain between two and three per cent of a chemical known as glyphosate.

This is an extremely powerful weed killer and it should make short work out of any grass that is present. However, multiple applications may be required when dealing with larger tarmac driveways.

The Installation of Driveway Edging

You can also install plastic or metal edging around the periphery of your driveway. First, create a trench immediately next to the borders. This trench should be approximately eight to ten centimetres deep. You can then install the plastic or metal edging flush with the driveway. Finally, fill in the trench and tamp the dirt down in order to ensure proper drainage.

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